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Feliz follows Augusto and his family as they struggle to keep their Christmas merry. As the house closes in on the family, growing inconsistencies become harder to sweep under the rug once a public controversy comes to light. Inspired by the Book of Revelation, Feliz asks the question—are we defined by our secrets?

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THREE LETTER WORDS follows, Patrick (who is FAT & OUT) and his boyfriend, CJ (who is HOT and NOT so out). Shortly after Patrick helps CJ find a job at his company, their love is tested when Patrick receives a promotion, making him CJ’s direct supervisor. Consequently, Patrick must submit a relationship declaration form. Patrick’s insecurities surface when Wes, an office gay, begins making passes at CJ and Amy, the office hall monitor, begins scrutinizing Patrick’s decisions. Can Patrick and CJ’s relationship survive Human Resources and the dangers of watercooler talk?

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THE BOOK OF ANDY follows Andy after he responds “...I don’t know” to a marriage proposal from his long time boyfriend. When he can’t figure out why he couldn’t say yes, Andy decides to visit his ex boyfriends in an attempt to understand what went wrong there, only to find they are thriving without him, leading him to take desperate measures: he tells them he’s dying. ‘ANDY explores the world of modern dating through the eyes of a gay man who is suddenly hit with the intensity and surprise of marriage.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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NINEVEH follows Ann as she pursues a calling from God to be her church’s first female deacon. When she convinces her Pastor to hold an election, her gay son, Daniel, begins to expose the ugly mixing of Church and Politics. Can Ann win the election and maintain her faith despite stirring accusations? Inspired by the story of Jonah, NINEVEH asks what role do you play: the prophet or the whale?

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